Nazene started her recording career with DJ legend Mike Di Scala under the guise Rezonance Q. Their hit single Someday reached number 2 in the dance charts back in 2003 on All Around the World Records.

They then went on to release Sweetheart in 2004.

After Resonance Q dispanded, Nazene then went on to work with various DJ’s such as DCB Project, Lee Monteverde, Friday Night Posse, Hypersonic whilst releasing her own tracks such as Lover That Rocks You All Night, As If, When I dream of you.

Nazene then went on to work with Breeze & Lost witness with hit Track Rise Again.

As part of the Clubland family Nazene was a familiar face on their arena tours as well as being the Choreographer for the tours and many clubland Artists Videos such as Kelly Lorena, Ultra Beat, Black out Crew.

She is currently working with the Subtoxic Producers on new material so check back for updates on her debut Subtoxic release